IoTA mobile application

application mobile IoTA SMAG
The IoTA mobile application allows you to consult and manage every connected device on your agricultural property !
  • géolocalisation

    Use the mapping interface to easily locate connected devices on your agricultural property

  • picto graphique

    At-a-glance view of data recorded by your connected devices via an information dashboard

  • suivi technico-économique

    Consult your data history with hourly, daily and monthly readouts

Receive alerts in real time

Receive alerts in real time

A weather station that records negative temperatures on a plot, a trap that detects pests, a water counter that records high water levels in your orchard…

You can adjust the alert settings on IoTA for your connected devices, and receive real-time notifications on your smartphone even when the mobile application isn’t running !

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loTA free to download from app stores !

Once you’ve downloaded the IoTA mobile application, creating your account is easy! Are you a user of Agreo and Atland plot management software?  Sign in using your existing login to receive information about your plots and crops !

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