Industrial sector

Les logiciels pour l’agro-industrie
For industrial groups in the agricultural, as well as producers, food production companies and production organisations, SMAG offers a solution that covers all upstream stages in the production
  • Picto modulaire FULLY CUSTOMISABLE

    Agreo is simple and customisable and can be adapted to suit the needs and specific characteristics of each organisation

  • Picto complet multi-fonctionnel GLOBAL

    Agreo guarantees production management and supply monitoring in France and internationally

  • Picto sécurité SECURE

    Agreo ensures production quality and traceability in accordance with regulations and production charters

Use Agreo to digitalise and secure your operational processes and optimise production management

  • Ensure the long-term viability of your information system by opting for a web solution
  • Centralise your expertise across all operational processes
  • Modernise the transfer of information between production sites
  • Gain instant access to information needed to make key decisions


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