Seed production

SMAG lance agreo SEEDS, nouveau logiciel de gestion pour la production de semences
Simple to use, Agreo Seeds software can be perfectly adapted to your organisation and seed production processes

Agreo Seeds software

  • Reference / Varietal base
    • Manage descriptive data for the varietal (species group, species, progenitor)
    • Management of seedling protocol and varietal description sheets
  • Plan your production and organise your plots
    • Translating commercial requirements into production surface areas (internal and customers’)
    • Assistance in dividing surfaces into production sectors and drainage basins
    • Identification and breakdown of crops within production sectors
    • Crop mapping and intended use of crops
    • Aid in calculating quarantine areas on the map
  • Manage your contracts
    • Adjustable and broad-spectrum contract management
    • Integration of specific contractual clauses
    • Import / export contracts
    • Specific GNIS function (export CT1, GNIS bundle editions)
  • Steer distribution of your progenitor seed batches
    • Management of stocks and base seeds by storage group
    • Distribution assistance for seed batches
    • Generating and printing documents (labels, delivery orders, return orders, etc.)
  • Monitor technical itineraries and crop inspections for each plot
    • Search for plots using geolocalisation
    • Create crop itineraries based on the digital phytosanitary register (web and mobile)
    • Observations, recommendations, multi-criteria field operations
    • Integrated GNIS references
  • Supervise the full range of factory processes and manage stocks
    • Incoming (reception and sorting)
    • Management and oversight of production orders and factory planning processes
    • Management of stocks and produce (traceability, valuation, inventory)
  • Laboratory
    • Sample management
    • GNIS Certification
    • Stock quality traceability
  • Optimise sales management: Purchasing/Sales & Logistics
    • Reservations, orders
    • Management of rates (discounts, benefits, etc.)
    • Delivery and route management
  • Automatically generate invoices for your farming clients
    • Adjustable based on qualitative and quantitative criteria in supply, contracts, logistics, bonuses and deductions
    • Generation/editing of purchase pre-invoices
    • Export documents to accounting software

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  • Picto multi-espèces MULTI-SPECIES

    Agreo Seeds allows users to monitor and manage seed production for self-pollinating, hybrid, vegetable, fodder and floral plant species

  • Picto internationnal MULTI-SITE

    Use agreo Seeds to remotely manage several production sites and centralise data for reporting purposes

  • Picto multi-supports MULTI-FORMAT

    Agreo Seeds software is a fully-responsive package, available for desktops, smartphones and handheld tablets

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