Plot management

From planting to harvest, enter your interventions, consult and analyse all your agronomic data at the office or in the field

Simplify the management of your plot

Optimise the traceability of your production. With our Agreo / Atland plot management software, enter your interventions carried out on the plot with a few clicks and easily manage your crop rotation on mapping or tabular interfaces.

Simplify the management of your plot

With Smag Farmer, gain in working comfort and productivity each day


With a simple internet connection, access a platform secured by a login and a password. No more data loss, everything is automatically saved online.


Our plot management software complies with the regulatory, technical-economic and environmental requirements specific to your sector, to assist you in your decision making.


In just a few clicks, enter all the technical and agronomic data relating to your plot or your farm to create a 360° view. It’s a real time saver.


Our plot management software applications are for all agricultural operators, whatever the size of your company or crop type (field crops, viticulture, arboriculture, market gardening).

  • Find the crop rotation and its technical management
  • Plan and manage your interventions
  • Receive and process the recommendations made by your technician
  • Organise your calendar by crop year, species, or farm
  • Draw, divide, and merge your islets into crop plots
  • Draw your grass strips
  • Plan and record your technical management
  • Control the regulatory compliance of your phytosanitary interventions in real-time with our automatically updated phytosanitary repository. (All the control points: Pre-harvest interval (PHI), Re-entry interval (REI), Doses, Mixtures,Targets, Cumulated active matter, Number of IFT (indicator of frequency of treatment) passages, and so on).
  • Enter your provisional fertilisation plan, step by step, in accordance with the GREN.
  • Find and edit all the regulatory documents that you need: CAP Declaration, Fertilisation Plan, Phytosanitary Register,Traceability Report, Spreading Plan, etc.

Receive advice from your technician

Retrieve the advice from your technician on each plot treated and transform it into an intervention in just a few clicks.

Receive advice from your technician

Manage your activity, analyse your production costs

Evaluate and simulate the economic performances of your farm in real-time through dashboards and relevant agronomic indicators

  • Management of inward and outward stock movements, inventories, stock balance sheet
  • Margin calculation
  • Accounting allocation of inputs
  • Automatic recording of working time, fuel consumption
  • For multi-farms: management of materials, staff, and shared stocks

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