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Towards a new generation of agricultural software

SMAG is launching the AgrOptimization System, a complete range of 100% cloud, mobile & data agricultural software that integrates the benefits of agricultural big data. This new software offer benefits from the development of a new technological base and the recent implementation of a more agile internal organization, focused on innovation.

Smag, a key player committed to the transformation of agriculture

As a key player committed to the digital transformation of the agricultural world, alongside Bioline France, SMAG actively participates in the emergence of a third way in agriculture: sustainable, positive and agroecological for people and the planet. An agriculture of results, proven, measured, reconciling the expectations of consumers-citizens and the preservation of the environment, while ensuring a fair remuneration to farmers.

Pioneer of the agricultural web since 2001, SMAG confirms its strategic vision, by offering software solutions dedicated to the accompaniment towards a more efficient and sustainable agriculture, for the plant and animal production sectors. SMAG also offers a collaborative ERP dedicated to the management of agro-industrial processes for the seed, vine and food industries.

In 2018, SMAG is launching the AgrOptimization System, a digital, open and innovative ecosystem. The only digital environment capable of creating an operational link between farmers and agricultural organizations. The interoperability of our solutions allows to record data from the field with the collection of information from farmers and their technicians. Structure, analyze and visualize data to better anticipate and enhance each activity. And finally, to share and exchange information between the different actors to improve processes and decisions.

Our 100% web and mobile solutions are designed for the traceability and enhancement of agricultural production, analysis and control of agricultural data. They offer the guarantees of reliability and data security that make SMAG an innovative partner, focused on the optimization of farming practices.

SMAG develops software solutions for the agricultural industry to increase efficiency and support changes in farming practices and agro-industrial processes. With nearly 30,000 users of our multi-industry solutions, SMAG supports the digital transformation of the agricultural world with collaborative software that enables the relationship between farmers, advisors and agricultural organizations to be sustainable. Responsible solutions to ensure and optimize the traceability of farming practices and production quality. And Smart software, which integrates the best of web technologies in agriculture.