Agro-food production

With the Agreo agribusiness software, ensure the traceability of agri-food production and the security of supplies, from planting forecast to the payment of contributions

With Agreo agribusiness, manage your agri-food productions (fruit, vegetables, potatoes, beets, spices, herbs, oilseeds, etc.) in compliance with the technical, economic, and regulatory constraints inherent to your sector

A collaborative platform, Agreo agribusiness brings together all the agronomic data of your production sites for a comprehensive and consolidated view of your business

Available on the web using a simple internet connection, Agreo agribusiness may be translated into several languages, thereby simplifying access to the platform for all your collaborators, in France and abroad

Agreo Agribusiness interfaces perfectly with your existing information system (SAP, JD Edwards, Axapta, Navision, Qualiac, SI Foodware, etc.)

Agreo agribusiness

The agri-food production management software adapted to the business processes of each organisation and to the specificities of each crop, to best exploit your data and control your profitability.

Agreo agribusiness
  • Management of crop references, geographical and administrative boundaries of the plots
  • Map publishing (plot map, atlas, etc.)
  • Identification of legal and land data
  • Support in the management of your contract definition processes (step and workflow)
  • Advanced features (creation, research, publishing)
  • Monitoring of the crop management and entry of interventions in bulk
  • Quick entry while in the field, and data traceability in real-time
  • Advice and recommendations in the field
  • Cost assignment by teams / employees
  • Stock and material management
  • Cost price analysis, margins
  • Full configuration of the crop protection products, active ingredients, and fertilisers (tolerance threshold management)
  • National and international phytosanitary repositories
  • Detection, archiving and handling of non-compliances, plot classification
  • Creation and control of specific or generalist production charters (Global Gap, Baby food, etc.)
  • Identification of received batches
  • Harvest planning
  • Setting the acceptance grids
  • Entry of input data in bulk (quantities, analyses, characteristics)
  • Automatic generation of analysis requests
  • Control of the results’ compliance
  • Generating anomalies regarding the specifications and the regulations (MRLs)
  • Multi-criteria configuration of the invoice lines (qualitative, quantitative, regulatory, etc.), automatic generation of the pre-invoices by contract
  • Editing invoices on the company’s letterhead
  • Export to the accounting tools
  • Calculation and allocation of the detailed prices for each input harvest
  • Customisable questionnaires (thematic organisation, choice of question type)
  • Statistical analysis (summary tables, graphs)
  • Customised printing of audit results
  • Archiving and monitoring of progress plans

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