Agri-environment services

A range of complementary “à la carte” services to enhance agricultural and environmental performance in the agricultural profession

  • Remote sensing service by drone or satellite for rape seed or cereal crops in partnership with Geosys
  • Support for advisers and farmers in the use of phytosanitary products for reducing the risks of disease via decision-making tools (septoria, eyespot, powdery mildew, leaf rust on wheat and barley).

SMAG can assess your farm and your plot compliance:

  • in partnership with ARVALIS, with regard to agricultural production charters (IRTAC, LU Harmony, etc.)
  • with a view to obtaining agri-environmental certification and subsidies, through the completion of precise questionnaires relating to the growing practices applied

We update the phytosanitary register integrated into our plot management software on a daily basis

We provide our partners involved in giving agricultural advice (AgroSolutions) with key indicators of operations’ economic, environmental, and societal performance, thereby enabling compliance with production charters.

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A strong alliance with ACTA, the agricultural technical institutes

A strong alliance with ACTA, the agricultural technical institutes

Proper management of plant health products is a major issue for all operators in the agricultural sector.  Together, ACTA – the agricultural technical institutes and SMAG have developed and released the ACTA index by SMAG, a mobile application that provides more functionality in the use of the phytosanitary index, previously published by ACTA in paper format.

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