Index Acta mobile application by SMAG

Managing the use of plant health products is a major issue for all operators in the agricultural sector. The Index Acta mobile application by SMAG helps make life easier.

Index Acta in your pocket !

The Index Acta mobile application by SMAG is the first full catalogue of plant health products available in a digital format. A simple and ergonomic field tool, it has become a standard addition to the Index Acta phytosanitary catalogue, available for use by all farming operators and consultants advising on regulatory issues.

  • A catalogue of over 7000 products, with over 60,000 different uses, have been registered, approved and marketed in France
  • Detailed product sheets to support decision-making on treatments (approved uses and dosages, number of applications, absorption times, application stages, how long products should be applied before harvest, non-treated areas, etc.)
  • Risk classifications as part of stock management
  • Regular updates on regulatory developments, new uses and newly-approved products
  • Access to information both online and offline

Index Acta allows you to

Consult real-time, precise and detailed information on the full range of plant health products approved and sold in France, even without a network connection

Index Acta allows you to

Try the mobile application for free !

Download the sample version free from app stores (includes three viewable product sheets) Access the full product database for a €15 subscription fee. Ex. VAT / year Subscribe at

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The ACTA-SMAG alliance

The ACTA-SMAG alliance

The partnership between ACTA (French Technical Agricultural Institute) and SMAG combines our strengths to offer farmers, and agricultural operators, effective and durable tools and thus ensure optimum crop health and protection

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