Agricultural advisory management

agricultural advisory management

Software programs for agricultural advisory management and provision of agri-environmental services

  • multi-supports DURING OFF-SEASON

    With the SMAG Planner software, prepare the upcoming season on your computer or tablet using appropriate programs when you visit the farmer

  • pilotage technico-économique DURING A CROP TOUR

    With the technician mobile app, record your observations in the field and send your recommendations instantly to the farmer by text or email

  • agenda ALL YEAR ROUND

    At the office, for monitoring progress and the management by farmers of their plots thanks to the agreo or atland software

SMAG values the expertise of agricultural advisers

Our agricultural advisory management software includes a range of agronomic services

  • Manure spreading plan

    Spreadable land area available calculation, management of exclusions, plot updates on spreadable land area required and buffer zones

  • Nitrates Directive

    Provisional plan for nitrogen fertilising, spreading history, soil analysis, calculation of the dose recommendations, organic and mineral optimisation, agronomic indicators

  • CAP declaration

    Importing/exporting plots, greening criteria compliance (ESAs, Diversity, Grassland), calculation of CAP and allowances. Compensatory allowance system for natural handicaps

  • Basal fertiliser

    Calculation of the required doses after diagnosis (P, K, Ca, Mg)

  • Herd management

    Technical management of herds, effluent, inputs and CORPEN assessments, grazing history

Save time ! Our advisory management software programs communicate with your CRM

Save time ! Our advisory management software programs communicate with your CRM

With a few clicks and without requiring further re-entry, you transform your advise into a summary of the recommended inputs and you make it easier for your farmers to generate an order of inputs (phytosanitary products, fertilisers, seeds)

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