Big data and agriculture : the revolution of the data

From the gathering of data to the processing and retrieval of agricultural data, SMAG combines technological advances and environmental responsibility.

Agricultural data, Agtech’s new “green gold”

Agricultural data, Agtech’s new “green gold”

Digitally-assisted agriculture combines different technologies which are all based on mass exploitation of data. They provide new high performing and innovative services to farmers to produce better and bigger: precision farming, farm management programs, IoT, agricultural robotics, e-services platform…

Data processing: heading towards more interoperability for more operational and agronomic efficiency

The increase in the number of AgTech actors and connected services raises the issue of interoperability of the systems. For more added value for your organisation and your daily activity, you have the AGROptimisation System, a collaborative and intelligent system which combines the best of new technologies in Cloud mode.

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