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The RubberWay application created by SMAG, Michelin and Continental can now be used by other rubber users

The global natural rubber (rubber latex) industry can now be equipped with the RubberWay app to ensure the transparency of its production.

Launched in 2017 by MICHELIN and then joined by CONTINENTAL, as part of a joint venture in partnership with SMAG, the RubberWay app ensures the transparency and sustainability of natural rubber supply. The application enables supply chain actors to report on their practices and improve transparency on latex production.

With RubberWay, manufacturers can report information from small-scale rubber producers. Where are they? How many are there? How many intermediaries are there before the natural rubber reaches the factory? In countries and regions such as Indonesia, Thailand, Central Africa, Brazil, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka.

Since 2017, 48,000 questionnaires focusing on environmental and social issues, have been collected in 8 countries. Of which 45,000 from small producers and 3,000 from intermediary collectors/retailers, for the supply of 67 rubber processing plants.

Three types of indicators are targeted through this questionnaire:
– Respect for people
– Protection of the environment
– Business transparency

In 2020, Continental demonstrated its interest in the RubberWay solution and paved the way for wider use of the application. RubberWay is now extending its services to other rubber users such as automotive manufacturers, helping to accelerate the growth of responsible practices in the natural rubber industry.

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