Vineyard Production

The agreo Vine software package allows you to simplify and optimise traceability for your production operations, from vineyard to cellar!

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    Manage your operations from planting to bottling, in accordance with applicable regulations and production charters

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    A la carte services

    Agreo Vine & Wine can be fully adjusted to the specific characteristics of your organisation and production methods

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    Use your standard internet connection to access your data from your computer, smartphone or tablet device



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Monitor winery operations with Agreo Vine & Wine

  • Manage grape varieties, land registries, and working units
  • Map out your plots
  • Find where you are and geolocalise your plots
  • Whether you’re in the office or in the vineyard, recording your operations couldn’t be simpler
  • Regulatory alerts and monitoring of treatment operations
  • Benefit from relevant indicators based on your technical specifications documents
  • Compare and analyse key information over several seasons
  • Plan and monitor the progress of renovation / upgrade work
  • Manage stock, materials and staff
  • Detailed analysis of your timescales and production costs
  • Create multi-purpose work sites and services
  • Observe the health of your vines, potential yield, climate incidents, soil analyses
  • Issue alerts, share information and recommend actions
  • Integrate grape maturity inspections and berry tastings
  • Organise, plan and monitor harvest progress

In the winery

Agreo Vine & Wine enables you to manage your winery operations and track the development of every stage of the vinification process, from receipt of produce through to bottling!

In the winery

In the vineyard...

  • Receive your harvest and your purchase contracts
  • Follow the progress of the harvest in the vineyard
  • Name your inputs and control your vatting
  • Launch and manage your vinification
  • Organise and communicate your winery work
  • Enter your operations with inputs, your blends and any other movement
  • Import your laboratory analysis results and carry out your tastings
  • Easily locate your wines, vats and barrels in your cellar or cellars
  • Guarantee and view the full traceability of your batches
  • Control your stocks in the cellar, justify your discrepancies, improve the reliability of your control audits
  • Prepare your alcohol, wine, and input regulatory record keeping
  • Track your cost prices and detail them per analytical item
  • Manage the transfers between your sites while maintaining the wines’ traceability
  • Prepare and record your bottling
  • Enter your orders and follow up the progress of their collection
  • Quickly find an output and control its traceability

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