Wineries sector

A fully-equipped software package for the winery sector, providing traceability for vine plots and cellar operations for vineyards, wineries, cooperatives, trading agencies and consultants

The Agreo Vine & Wine software package lets you optimise your economic and environmental indicators, from vine to wine

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    Agreo Vine & Wine responds to the needs of the entire winemaking sector, from vineyard plot management to wine production batches

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    Optimise production management and economic monitoring of your operations with the help of dynamic information dashboards

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    Personalised indicators ensure production quality and compliance with environmental charters

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    Whether you’re in the vineyard or the winery, it’s easy to consult and register your operations using your smartphone or tablet

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Head of Information Systems / DOMAINES LISTEL

« Agreo Vine & Wine has enabled us to improve our administrative performance (online and realtime consultation or traceability, history, and input of fermentation data, etc.) »

Frédéric SENAC
Frédéric SENAC
Winery Director - Oenologist / Les Vignerons Créateurs

« Agreo Vine & Wine provides traceability for our vineyard operations, and also meets our production monitoring needs.  »